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covid-19 updates Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with about 15,000 positive tests and 330 deaths.

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Coronavirus crisis Swiss real estate market suffers fallout from epidemic

The Covid-19 crisis could spell an end to the previously rosy situation for Switzerland’s real estate investors.

Spreitenbach ‘Shoppi’ The first Swiss shopping mall

The “Shoppi” in a Zurich-area suburb changed the Swiss shopping style.  Prosperity in Switzerland rose massively after the Second World War.

‘no time to die’ How Covid-19 has hit democracy worldwide

The ongoing pandemic has put the entire world on hold. As well as the newest James Bond movie, popular votes around the globe have been postponed.

opinion Covid-19: Health or wealth?

Can the pandemic be separated from the economy? Columnist Daniel Warner writes that this and other important questions are now being raised.

covid-19 Chasing the numbers behind the virus in Switzerland

For those not on the frontline, the fight to rein in the spread of the coronavirus often boils down to watching an unfolding data game.

Q&A Coronavirus: Why staying home is merely a recommendation in Switzerland

In this first collection of answers to readers' questions about the pandemic, we tackle the Swiss approach to social distancing measures.

Covid-19 Who is Switzerland’s ‘Mr Coronavirus’?

After years as a Red Cross doctor in war zones, Daniel Koch has become the face of the Swiss government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Development banks How Switzerland benefits from development aid

Switzerland supports development banks, which aim to boost the economies of poor countries. But aid money also ends up back in Swiss bank accounts.

Coronavirus How the Swiss food supply chain is coping with Covid-19

Running out of rice? Low on loo roll? In fact Switzerland has enough to last for months, but stockists are putting in serious overtime. 

Covid-19 Coronavirus: what is ‘essential’ in Switzerland?

The coronavirus epidemic provides an interesting opportunity for society to reflect on what is really important, says economist Sergio Rossi.