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Working 9 to 5.13 Swiss are the second-most hardworking Europeans

Full-time workers in Switzerland remain among the most industrious in Europe – even if the trend is for less work and more holidays.

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Gender roles since 1970 How work has evolved for Switzerland’s women and men

We take a look in graphics at how gender patterns have evolved in Switzerland’s labour market.

OECD survey Do the Swiss really pay so little tax?

The percentage of personal income tax and social security contributions paid on Swiss wages is among the lowest of Western industrialised countries.

Gender inequality Unions seek to blacklist Swiss firms that underpay women

Union umbrella group Travail Suisse is calling for the introduction of a blacklist to shame Swiss companies that fail to pay women and men equally. 

French fair Is Switzerland’s cross-border workforce at a crossroads?

Swiss salaries are a draw for cross-border workers. But Switzerland’s job market doesn’t always live up to expectations.

Dream jobs Swiss travel and watch firms named best places to work

Swiss International Air Lines has been ranked as the most attractive employer in a survey on the 150 largest companies in Switzerland.

Health at work Insurer reports sharp increase in work-related illnesses

The number of work-related illnesses such as stress and burnout have increased sharply in recent years in Switzerland, a newspaper reports.