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Religious vandalism Muslim graves defaced in Lausanne

Muslim graves in a cemetery in the Swiss city of Lausanne have been vandalised. Fifteen out of 22 Muslim graves had Islamophobic slogans written ...

Geneva organisation Anti-nuclear weapons group wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Geneva-based International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2017.

Jewish refugee policy ‘The boat is full’: 75 years later

Archive documents from September 1942 show how the government’s policy of turning away Jews at the Swiss border was controversial at the time.

Good offices Switzerland keeps US and North Korea talking

Switzerland has been negotiating between the United States and North Korea without fanfare but with success.

Nuclear test Switzerland prepared to mediate in North Korean tensions

Switzerland has joined the international outcry against the latest North Korean nuclear test, and has offered its services as mediator.

Dangerous liaisons? The ICRC as a Swiss political tool

Neutrality is the Red Cross's watchword. But with a greater push for closer business ties, how will that policy play out?