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Sporting diplomacy Can the Olympic Committee broker Korean peace?

Should the Swiss-based IOC be a mediator in political conflicts? The question is once again being asked ahead of the Olympic Games.

Missing in action Papers vanish on Switzerland’s secret Cold War army

Top-secret documents linked to P-26, a covert Swiss Cold War paramilitary group, have been 'shredded, hidden or lost'.

Holocaust Memorial Day Coming to terms with a tarnished Swiss wartime record

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, looks back at Switzerland’s questionable wartime policies towards Jews fleeing Nazi persecution.

Money laundering Trial of Tamil Tiger financiers begins in Switzerland

The trial of 13 financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers ...

Swiss DMZ guards Korean peninsula’s ‘only impartial body’ watches and waits

The Swiss military contingent on the tense border between North and South Korea is part of a neutral force in a conflict that is far from over.