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Environmental awareness Chinese takeover of Syngenta fires up protestors


Swiss activists from Greenpeace Basel and MultiWatch Basel have protested outside the general shareholders meeting of Basel-based agrochemical ...

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Anti-radicalisation The imam who guides Muslims in Swiss prisons

Imam Mustafa Memeti has been counselling Muslim prisoners for nearly 25 years in several Swiss prisons.

International justice Will Switzerland seize opportunity in Sonko and Kosiah cases?


Human rights NGOs question the political will of Switzerland to prosecute former Gambian minister Ousman Sonko and former Liberian rebel Alieu Kosiah.

Switzerland and 2WW New study claims Swiss rejected fewer Jews during Nazi era

New research has reignited debate on Swiss policy towards Jews fleeing the Nazis.

Maritime fleet Swiss parliament reluctantly funds merchant ships

Parliament’s upper chamber approved spending CHF215 million ($220 million) to downsize Switzerland’s high seas fleet.

Explainer Syrian peace talks in Geneva: what’s going on?

Here is a short guide to the sixth round of the intra-Syrian peace negotiations, which are taking place in Geneva and set to run from May 16-19.