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Holocaust How a Polish envoy to Bern saved hundreds of Jews


Aleksander Ładoś saved hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust with help from Jewish associations active in Switzerland and the United States. 

Kosovo's disappeared Families of 1,658 missing Kosovans still search for loved ones

A two-day conference this week in Geneva aims to relaunch the process of identifying 1,658 people who disappeared during the war in Kosovo.

Islamist terrorism Expert warns of growing network of Swiss jihadists

Switzerland could become a hotbed of Islamist militants grown up in the country, according to a senior security expert.

Environmental awareness Chinese takeover of Syngenta fires up protestors


Swiss activists from Greenpeace Basel and MultiWatch Basel have protested outside the general shareholders meeting of Basel-based agrochemical ...

Anti-radicalisation The imam who guides Muslims in Swiss prisons

Imam Mustafa Memeti has been counselling Muslim prisoners for nearly 25 years in several Swiss prisons.