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Arosa Swiss hotel sign asking Jews to shower sparks controversy

A hotel in the Swiss mountain resort of Arosa is under fire after it posted a sign telling Jewish guests to shower before swimming – sparking ...

Holocaust How a Polish envoy to Bern saved hundreds of Jews


Aleksander Ładoś saved hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust with help from Jewish associations active in Switzerland and the United States. 

Islamist terrorism Expert warns of growing network of Swiss jihadists

Switzerland could become a hotbed of Islamist militants grown up in the country, according to a senior security expert.

Portraits of the reformation ‘A virgin by day, a wench by night’


Huldrych Zwingli shows that you can be a passionate reformer, man of the cloth and skirt-chaser, all at once.

Anti-radicalisation The imam who guides Muslims in Swiss prisons

Imam Mustafa Memeti has been counselling Muslim prisoners for nearly 25 years in several Swiss prisons.

Religion behind bars Prison imam fights Muslim radicalisation

One in three prisoners in Switzerland worship Allah. But only a few jails allow imams to visit. The regional jail in Bern is one of them.

Nouvo Understanding Ramadan

During Ramadan, Muslims around the world and in Switzerland have to follow certain rules. This is what they do and why. 

Cast a spell A modern-day school for witches

There are said to be around 1,000 modern-day 'witches' living in Switzerland. One of them is Calluna from Kallnach, in canton Bern.

Tama's Tales Under suspicion

Tama meets her friend Mondher, who is Swiss with Tunisian roots. He tells how not looking Swiss has got him into trouble.

An’Nur, Winterthur Controversial Swiss mosque to shut down after Ramadan

The An’Nur mosque in Winterthur that has long been suspected of having links to radical Islamic movements will finally cease to exist because the ...

Anna Reinhart, Zwingli's wife ‘Nothing is more precious than love’


Read how priest Huldrych Zwingli's marriage was seen as a powerful signal in the early years of the Reformation.