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Vote September 23, 2018 Cost concerns eat away at support for food initiatives

Two proposals to promote sustainable agriculture in Switzerland and ethical food have seen a massive drop in support according to pollsters.

Tourism and tradition Calling off the sheepdogs in the Swiss Alps

The mountain dwellers in the area around the Gotthard Pass worry that their guard dogs not only scare off wolves and bears, but also summer visitors.

Alpine tourism World’s steepest funicular puts Stoos back on the tourist map

Straight up to the top of the mountain: the Stoos funicular railway gives you the steepest ascent of its kind in the world.

Roman ruins Switzerland’s hidden treasure trove of Roman mosaics

The small town of Orbe is home to the largest and most beautiful collection of Roman mosaics north of the Alps. Where are the visitors?

On the move Swiss public transport given good marks for cost-effectiveness

Using public transport infrequently in Switzerland is expensive, but thanks to new special offers, it does well when it comes to value for money.