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Accident statistics Distracted drivers named top cause of accidents

Most road traffic accidents in Switzerland last year were caused by distracted drivers who were texting or phoning at the wheel.

Danger in the woods French accident revives the hunting debate

The accidental shooting of a cyclist by a hunter in France has triggered fresh debate in Switzerland on the dangers of hunting.

Million-dollar home Steep increase in Swiss housing prices in last decade

Apartment prices have risen in every district in Switzerland in the last eleven years except for one.

Waiting game The Swiss hunt: collecting the reward for a year’s work

What's it like to go on the hunt in the Swiss Alps, joining tens of thousands of rifle-carrying men each autumn?

The Good Life Expats in Switzerland still earn top dollar

HSBC study finds expats in Switzerland remain the highest earners globally, bringing home an average annual income of $202,865 (CHF202,516).

Mountain resort Zermatt inaugurates world’s highest tri-cable car system

After more than two years of work and CHF52 million ($53 million), the system was inaugurated Saturday in southern Switzerland’s Zermatt resort.