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From chaplin to 'bubble hotels' How Swiss tourism is trying to regain its footing

Swiss tourism is picking up some momentum, thanks in part to tourist operators focusing on creative new ideas, quality and cultural offers.

Summer in Bern Floating through the Swiss capital!

Fresh splashes of glacier water, happy squeals, heads bobbing up and down – even a dog or two: for first-time visitors to Bern, the River Aare is ...

Pricey Switzerland ‘I can’t afford to come back home for holidays’

Due to high prices and a strong franc, some Swiss abroad say they can no longer afford to come home to visit on holidays.

Swiss mobile charges Switzerland an island for roaming costs

Travelling Europeans planning to use their mobile phones in Switzerland might want to reconsider starting on Thursday.

Poised for take-off? Swiss aviation pioneer brings electric flights into present

Solar Impulse pilot André Borschberg is betting on an electric aviation future with his new start-up H55 and electric aerobatic test plane.

#WeAreSwissAbroad: Yvette Meisser From the mountains of Davos to a tiny Texas town


A divorcée who moved to the US with three young children says "We don't want to return to Switzerland. We couldn't do that."

Future energy Swiss promote clean energy at Expo Astana

Switzerland highlights its expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energies at Expo Astana 2017.