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#WeAreSwissAbroad Laura Scholl: How I became a ‘homesick Japanese’

After living in Japan for several years as a student, Laura Scholl has returned to Switzerland. She wistfully looks back at her time in Tokyo.

sham dram Record-breaking whisky shown to be a fake

The world’s most expensive whisky, a CHF9,999 ($9,998) tipple bought last August in a hotel in St Moritz, has been shown in lab testing to be a fake.

Daily grind Swiss lack time to enjoy their wealth

Despite Switzerland having one of the highest per capita financial assets, 90% of Swiss adults complain about not having enough time to do what is ...

Making waves Europe's biggest freshwater aquarium opens

From Saturday, October 21, people can admire freshwater fish from the Amazon in the new Aquatis aquarium-vivarium in Lausanne. The organisers call ...

House rules Two-thirds of Swiss find their neighbours annoying

Noise, cigarette smoke and disputes over laundry facilities are some common complaints Swiss have about their neighbours, a new survey shows.