Human interest

Nollywood against migration

Nigerian filmmaker Charles Okafor and his crew have come to Bern to shoot some scenes of "The Missing Steps", a television series funded by Swiss ...

Seventeen sheep were killed in Cama, canton Graubünden, on February 8, 2017. The prime suspect is a wolf, but DNA analysis is needed to confirm this.
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A family of asylum seekers in the Federal Asylum Centre in Losone. Officials expect 24,500 asylum requests in 2017
A widespread issue - Moroccan women look at photographs of under-age brides during an exhibition in Rabat
The presence of the wolf in Bulle (left). The other image was taken in Neyruz and is probably a dog, officials say

A dark chapter in Swiss history

Up until the 1980s tens of thousands of people in Switzerland, like the homeless and prostitutes, were locked away for 're-education', without ...

A makeshift tent at Bremgarten forest, as seen a year after the men moved in
A protest about the Trump ban was held at the International arrivals of Boston's Logan International Airport on January 28

Transport checks

Commuters paid to spy on public transport

Swiss public services are now under scrutiny from spies posing as customers, hired by the government to check the cleanliness of services and ...

The SDC gives aid in times of crisis, here a delivery of humanitarian aid set for Nepal, after an earthquake there in 2015
The Federal Office of Health's latest campaign on STIs was launched in November 2016