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Last witch ‘Anna Göldi was like a wild horse, impossible to catch’


Europe's last witch, Anna Göldi, continues to fascinate more than 200 years after her execution in Switzerland.

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Unusual collection Rare 1875 vintage Swiss cheeses ‘good enough to eat’

A brace of 142-year-old cheeses, preserved in the cellar of a Swiss alpine village, are still edible claims their owner. The collector told the ...

#1Augustabroad, in photos How Swiss National Day was celebrated around the world

Switzerland's citizens around the world shared how they celebrated Swiss National Day 2017 in style. 

Official pet Cat draws pension without lifting a paw


It started with a bite of broccoli. Meet the cheeky little kitty who gets a pension from the Swiss Army. 

Alternative power Invisible solar energy

More and more houses are being built with solar panels on the roofs and photovoltaics embedded in the façades, which can deliver the entire energy ...

Big Four Iconic Swiss animals take centre stage

Switzerland's "Big Four" iconic animals, the cow, ibex, marmot and Saint Bernard dog, are highlighted at a new exhibition at the Swiss National ...