Human interest

Julia Feliz is President and co-founder of Solidarity For Humanity, a grassroots organization founded in Switzerland by Americans abroad and allies after the US presidential election in November last year. Solidarity for Humanity works to provide a platform for marginalized and targeted communities in the US and locally. 
Several thousand people took part in the Women's March in Zurich on Saturday 
There are plans to pass the buck for damage caused by the buck-toothed rodent.
A traffic jam in Geneva: perhaps another reason why young people here show less interest in cars
This  ICRC image shows the first humanitarian aid convoy in Daraya, Syria on June 1, 2016

Wolf snack How to best protect Swiss forests

Wild animals are causing extensive damage to forests. As hunters are not managing to shoot the required numbers, hopes are being pinned on the ...

Bird flu is the name of the image by Anex, which won the news category

Swiss Press Photo 2017 Pink Panic

Anthony Anex (Keystone) has won the 2017 Swiss Press Photo in the news category for this image of pink flamingos being protected from bird flu.

Seal hunting is permitted in Canada (above image from southern Gulf of St. Lawrence around Quebec's Iles de la Madeleine), Greenland and Namibia