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#WeAreSwissAbroad: Doris Hofer Counselling on health and food made her famous

Launching herself into the fitness sector has been the best investment of her life, says Swiss expat Doris Hofer.

A way out Growing number of people sign up for assisted suicide

Every year, thousands of people become members of Exit, the largest assisted suicide organisation in Switzerland. Last year was no exception.

Flat packs How IKEA changed Swiss living rooms

Following the death of the IKEA founder, a look at how his products influenced the way people live in Switzerland. 

Public health study Almost 6% of patients pick up infection in hospital

Some 5.9% of patients treated in Swiss hospitals fall ill with an infection, a study across 96 hospitals has shown.

#WeAreSwissAbroad: Emanuel Wenk Swiss in Austria spends his life sheltering animals

Burnout led 42-year-old Emanuel Wenk to completely change his life: he went from working in restaurants to working with animals.

Train temperatures, taxes and Trump By the numbers: Avalanche scare puts Switzerland on edge

These are the most interesting statistics to appear in the past week’s stories from Switzerland.