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Spreitenbach ‘Shoppi’ The first Swiss shopping mall

The “Shoppi” in a Zurich-area suburb changed the Swiss shopping style.  Prosperity in Switzerland rose massively after the Second World War.

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covid-19 When a typhoid epidemic hit Zermatt

This is not the first time Switzerland and its mountain regions have had to deal with the devastating effects of disease in recent times.

Becoming a modern state The ten most important dates in Switzerland's history

Today's Switzerland developed over several centuries, emerging out of a loose alliance of autonomous entities to become a federal state.

Gallery: witness to history  The last Swiss Holocaust survivors 

Some of those who lived through the Holocaust live in Switzerland. Photographer Beat Mumenthaler has taken their portraits. 

Diving record Sixty years on, Jacques Piccard remains the ‘deepest man in the world’

On January 23, 1960, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh dived to the bottom of the deepest underwater trench in the world. 

Diplomatic history When Switzerland recognised the new China

Seventy years ago, Switzerland was one of the first Western nations to officially recognise the People’s Republic of China.

Religious diversity Is Switzerland a Christian nation?

Although Christianity dominates the Swiss religious landscape, the Alpine country is home to a variety of other religions and sects.  

Conscientious objection Is it possible to refuse military service in Switzerland?

How does Switzerland, a country that retains the duty of compulsory military service, deal with conscientious objectors?

Religion The Jewish cemetery in no man’s land

How did the largest and oldest Jewish cemetery in Switzerland come to lie in a wooded no man's land between the villages of Endingen and Lengnau?

Migration history How people on the move have shaped Switzerland

A new exhibition traces the population movements that have shaped the Alpine territory, and includes those who have left to seek fortunes elsewhere.