CHF10 million raised Big-hearted response made to famine appeal

A public fundraising day in Switzerland for famine victims in Africa has in a record windfall of CHF10.1 million ($10 million).

First Responder Life-saving Swiss app enlists volunteers


Every second counts when someone has a heart attack. A new Swiss app, First Responder, aims to save lives by locating the nearest ...

Reprogramming bacteria Hoping for new tuberculosis treatments

Tuberculosis is on the rise again around the world, after having almost died out. Doctors have few antibiotics with which to treat new strains and ...

Memory disorders Dementia cases on the rise

There are far more people with dementia in Switzerland than previously thought – and the number is expected to double over the next 25 years.

World Happiness Report Switzerland one of the happiest nations

On World Happiness Day, the United Nations has named Switzerland the fourth happiest country in the world – right behind Norway, ...

Swiss Diet Striking gender differences in Swiss eating habits

Meat makes the meal, according to a new Swiss survey that shows men eat four times the recommended amount and women consume more than double.