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Online services  Digital ID plans divide politicians and civil society 

Parliament has approved the creation of a digital ID to certify the identity of users of internet services, but critics are challenging the decision. 

This content was published on September 23, 2019 5:34 PM

Parliamentary elections 2019 Expat Swiss lead a ‘Green wave’ in opinion polls

A recent opinion poll has shown that a shift towards Green parties is most pronounced among expatriate Swiss citizens. What are the reasons?

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‘Final Countdown’ Parliament disrupted by climate protestors

Several dozen activists have interrupted a debate in the Swiss House of Representatives, unfurling a banner and singing a song of resistance. 

This content was published on September 19, 2019 10:19 AM

Animal rights Swiss to vote on banning factory farming

Campaigners have submitted the necessary signatures for an initiative aimed at outlawing intensive livestock production in Switzerland.

This content was published on September 17, 2019 3:18 PM

Elections 2019 Who can vote in Switzerland? Who can’t?

With less than a month to go before parliamentary elections, looks at the third of the Swiss resident population that is disenfranchised.

Financial transparency Switzerland in the age of automatic exchange of banking information

A year ago, Switzerland began to pass on data on the bank accounts held by foreigners in Swiss banks to around 30 countries.

Anti free movement Proposal for immigration restrictions under debate

Parliament is holding a major debate about plans by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party to limit immigration.

This content was published on September 16, 2019 9:54 PM

March for Life Police attacked at anti-abortion demonstration

An anti-abortion demonstration in Zurich has been disrupted by participants in a counter-demonstration. Police officers were attacked and ...

This content was published on September 14, 2019 6:54 PM

Terrorism Dual national stripped of Swiss citizenship for first time

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has withdrawn Swiss citizenship from a dual national for the first time.

This content was published on September 13, 2019 11:24 AM