Wolves kill livestock every year in Switzerland
Juri, a healthy male Eurasian lynx from Switzerland, upon his release in an Austrian national park
Plants pollinated by bumblebees become more fragrant
There are plans to pass the buck for damage caused by the buck-toothed rodent.
Trees are cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation on the Indonesian island of Borneo

Wolf snack How to best protect Swiss forests

Wild animals are causing extensive damage to forests. As hunters are not managing to shoot the required numbers, hopes are being pinned on the ...

An undisturbed stretch of the Sense River
A Ghanaian cattle herder leads his cattle across the polluted Korle Gono beach, covered in plastic bottles and other rubbish washed ashore in June 2016
While Switzerland makes rules, Indonesia confiscates and destroys fishing boats that do not comply with fishery laws.
Gorbachev has renounced his title of founding president of the Green Cross
Amnesty said the situation for unaccompanied minors was serious
The dead wolf as she was found in a forest
Outdoors artists help draw people to Gstaad

Infrastructure repairs Communities deal with beaver damage

The beaver, reintroduced in the 1960s, may soon be taken off the list of animals endangered by extinction. Meanwhile, its spread has caused damage ...

The presence of the wolf in Bulle (left). The other image was taken in Neyruz and is probably a dog, officials say