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Environment report Swiss climate change risks outweigh opportunities

That’s the conclusion of an unprecedented nationwide study examining possible climate change impacts for Switzerland.

Moorland initiative When an unusual alliance made Swiss voting history

Thirty years ago, voters caused a major upset when they backed an initiative to protect Swiss moorlands dealing a blow to the political establishment.

Swiss president in Portugal ‘We hope the Portuguese don’t leave Switzerland’

Swiss president Doris Leuthard has reassured Portugal of the important contribution its sizeable community in Switzerland makes to the Swiss economy. 

Nuclear emergency Measuring radiation in the air and soil

Spiez Laboratory is a key part of the monitoring and emergency task force set up to deal with a major nuclear or radiological event in Switzerland.

Biodiversity and habitats Swiss nature not doing as well as perceived

An external review of Switzerland’s environment performance claims that the Swiss are mistaken in their assumption that wildlife and habitats are ...

Before the flood Village floods after voters sink protection measures

The Swiss village of Uerkheim has suffered from severe flooding. But its residents have twice rejected vital flood protection measures.