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snowy winter Almost 30 died in avalanches in Swiss Alps last winter

The winter of 2017-2018 was characterised by “extraordinary” snowfall in the Swiss Alps and a greater number of avalanche deaths than usual.

Resources Plastic: How can the Swiss use so much and recycle so little?

Switzerland consumes three times as much plastic as EU countries, but recycles 30% less. Bans on plastic in the EU and China may change that.

Sustainability Why don’t the Swiss recycle more plastic?

For 30 days, swissinfo.ch journalist Susan Misicka saved all of her plastic garbage, but found that not even half of it could be recycled.

4-6 degrees Celsius Swiss National Bank must rethink emissions-heavy investments

Climate Alliance Switzerland has called for a “stress test” of the Swiss financial system and given recommendations for protecting it and the climate.