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Accident statistics Distracted drivers named top cause of accidents

Most road traffic accidents in Switzerland last year were caused by distracted drivers who were texting or phoning at the wheel.

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Floods of 1868 The natural catastrophe that changed Switzerland

Exactly 150 years ago, Switzerland’s lakes and rivers broke their banks, flooding many parts of the country.

Melting ice Parts of US plane wreck pulled from glacier 70 years on

Parts of a wrecked US military plane have been recovered from melting glacier ice 70 years after it made an emergency landing in the Alps. 

Natural hazards An Alpine village on the frontline of climate change

Guttannen is a small and rustic village up in the Swiss Alps that exudes serenity. But this tranquil idyll is threatened by an unstable mountain.

Twenty years ago The Swissair flight 111 crash: causes and consequences

Twenty years on, swissinfo.ch looks back at the worst accident in Swiss civil aviation history and the consequences for airline safety and Swissair. 

Natural disasters Floods: images of the past help prepare for the future

A University of Bern research project aims to reinforce collective memory of floods by inviting citizens to submit their images.

Picking up the pieces Life goes on a year after Bondo’s deadly mudslide

A year after rock fall in an eastern Swiss village caused a devastating mudslide, the mountain that unleashed the avalanche is moving again.