Editorial: Ueli Steck Remembering a great Swiss

With records as a solo and speed climber, the Swiss top alpinist made himself immortal. But that’s not only what drove Ueli Steck.

Ueli Steck tribute ‘Climbing in the here and now’

In the following article, journalist and climber, Billi Bierling, pays tribute to friend, Ueli Steck, the Swiss elite climber who died on Sunday. 

Obituary Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck dies in Everest attempt

Record-breaking Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck has died during an attempt to scale Mount Everest. He was 40 years old.

Official visit Conflict prevention a priority, notes Guterres in Bern

Switzerland and the United Nations should increase their joint efforts to prevent conflict, finds the new UN secretary general.

Yemen crisis ‘We look on as people starve to death, and we do nothing’

Despite the catastrophic situation in Yemen, political scientist Elham Manea still believes the situation is not hopeless in her country.

CHF10 million raised Big-hearted response made to famine appeal

A public fundraising day in Switzerland for famine victims in Africa has in a record windfall of CHF10.1 million ($10 million).