Law and order

The investigative report said $608 million of the laundered money transited via 45 Swiss banks or foreign banks with Swiss branches.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, giving a speech before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
Police with cameras must inform a person if he or she is being recorded
Kurdish demonstrators protesting against Erdogan at a rally in Zurich last November
Several thousand people took part in the Women's March in Zurich on Saturday 
A demonstrator makes the "grey wolves" sign during a protest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, over the reception given to two Turkish ministers, including Cavuşoğlu
The GRECO report recommended relaxing the confidentiality of commission meetings
Terrorism can strike 'anyone, anywhere, at any time', said Nicoletta della Valle, director of the Federal Police Office, at the TETRA report presentation in Bern
Katanga Mining controls one of the planet’s highest-grade copper deposits
Niggli, director general of WADA during a symposium in Lausanne on Monday 
Switzerland's Supreme Court has ruled that legal assistance based on stolen bank client data is permitted in the case of suspected tax fraud in France 
Residents walk through the destruction of the once rebel-held Salaheddine neighborhood in eastern Aleppo, Syria, on January 20, 2017
A screen shot of some of the items sold online
The report stated that extreme left groups were a bigger threat than  right-wing extremists
The 'knit-in' was held in front of the Swiss parliament in Bern
Posters for and against giving Swiss women the right to vote
Around 30 paintings were reportedly taken away from the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich
A Swiss customs official carries out a training exercise with a sniffer dog
The extradition took place at the Thônex-Vallard border crossing near Geneva