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Moving pictures Kosovan filmmakers focus on brighter future

Filmmakers in the Balkan state of Kosovo are helping to inspire and empower people, and that’s why Switzerland is supporting them.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Credit Suisse linked to list of 12,000 Nazis found in Argentina

Many of the Nazi sympathisers reportedly paid money into one or more accounts at Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, which later became Credit Suisse. 

This content was published on March 5, 2020 11:41 AM

Foreign policy  Could Switzerland help end the conflict in Yemen? 

Some experts believe that neutral Switzerland might have a role to play in bringing peace to war-torn Yemen.

Crypto spying affair Former Swiss defence minister denies knowledge of Crypto-CIA links

Was former Swiss cabinet minister Kaspar Villiger aware that the Swiss firm Crypto was controlled by the CIA?

This content was published on February 13, 2020 12:19 PM

Crypto spying affair How manipulated Swiss tech shaped world politics

Camp David, Iran, Argentina, Panama: These are just a few examples of how the US steered world politics with the help of Swiss firm Crypto.

Weapons exports  How do Swiss arms end up in conflict zones?

How have arms found their way from neutral Switzerland, a country that likes to underline its humanitarian tradition, to conflict countries?  

Gallery: witness to history  The last Swiss Holocaust survivors 

Some of those who lived through the Holocaust live in Switzerland. Photographer Beat Mumenthaler has taken their portraits. 

Heroic tradition Historic bravery rewarded with three days of women’s power

In a 300-year-old tradition, two Swiss villages see women stake their claim to power every January.

Iranian ambassador in Bern Iran: ‘Without Switzerland the situation could be worse’

Without Switzerland’s good offices, the situation in the Persian Gulf could deteriorate, says the Iranian ambassador in Bern.