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Covid-19 and the climate Can coronavirus help the environment?

Less smog over China, clearer canals in Venice, better air quality in parts of Switzerland – how much is due to coronavirus measures?

Start-up in Kenya Swiss business takes on global waste

The recycling subscription service with a social mission Mr. Green has been a big hit with busy families and business in cities in Switzerland.

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Climate and emissions Switzerland and EU link CO2 emissions trading schemes

Since January 1, Swiss companies have been participating in the European Union emissions trading scheme.

Climate crisis Should the Swiss National Bank invest in fossil fuels?

Environmentalists’ targets include not only private banks like Credit Suisse, but also the Swiss National Bank. 

Climate crisis Why most Swiss buildings are environmentally inefficient

Buildings account for about a quarter of annual CO2 emissions in Switzerland. But progress has been slow to do more to save energy.

Energy Vault Revolutionary idea to store green power for the grid

Stacking blocks of concrete with a crane to store energy and use the force of gravity to keep producing electricity when renewable sources are ...

Leibstadt Swiss nuclear power station restarted

The Leibstadt nuclear power station is being put back into operation after it was shut down on Saturday due to a technical fault. 

This content was published on December 31, 2019 11:04 AM

Forest reborn The positive side of Hurricane Lothar

Exactly 20 years ago more than ten million trees were knocked over in Switzerland. But the disaster wasn’t all bad, according to forestry experts. 

Changes to the climate 2019: fifth hottest year in Switzerland

Switzerland has registered the fifth hottest year since records began in 1864, continuing a trend towards warmer weather which started after 2010.

This content was published on December 20, 2019 6:18 PM

COP25 Swiss seek compromise amid ‘lack of will’ at climate talks

The head of the Swiss delegation is frustrated by hesitation to move ahead at the UN’s annual climate conference.

Art and science How Swiss artists are joining in the climate change debate

Switzerland’s identity, so closely tied to its climate, is changing as the country slowly warms. Artists are now stepping into the mainstream debate.