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Heinrich Bullinger The challenges of marrying a nun during the Reformation


The letter which was delivered to the Oetenbach convent on September 30, 1527, changed Anna Adlischwyler’s life for ever.

Strongman Powerful enough to pull a plane

Stanislas Calderara from Neuchâtel is very strong. He competes in "Strongman" strength athletics in which he has to pull large trucks and even planes.

still rocking Züri West is back!

After a five year gap in producing new music, the popular Swiss rock group Züri West is back with a new album.

Nouvo Tracassets World Championship


The most local of World Championships: the tracassets race takes place in canton Vaud in Switzerland! What is it?

Failed war on drugs Southeast Asia seeks new solutions to drug crisis


Former Swiss President Ruth Dreifuss tells about a shift in drugs policy in Thailand and Myanmar.