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Inside Geneva Shadow boxing a virus

There is much we still don’t know about the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, an anxious world fills the knowledge vacuum with rumour, and misinformation. 

Virus outbreak WHO experts worry as coronavirus spreads beyond China

The spread of the new coronavirus from China to other parts of the world has triggered concern at the World Health Organization (WHO).

This content was published on January 30, 2020 12:02 PM
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Consumer spending trends Study reveals Greater Geneva cross-border shopping imbalance

Geneva residents spend three times more than French shoppers during cross-border trips, according to a new survey.

This content was published on April 16, 2019 11:42 AM
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Expat Life

Economic development Is Geneva struggling to attract firms and staff?

Several US and Japanese multinationals have recently announced downsizing in Geneva. Is it part of a larger trend?

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Geneva: the facts

French-speaking Geneva is at the western end of Lake Geneva, surrounded on almost all sides by France. The canton has 103 kilometres of borders with Switzerland's neighbour and just 4.5 kilometres with the rest of the country.
The city itself has 202,000 inhabitants, while the canton has 498,221 (2017). The metropolitan Geneva area (which includes nine other towns) covers most of the canton and spreads across into France. Some 40% of the Geneva population is foreign.
Geneva is home to the headquarters of 37 international organisations, such as the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross. "International Geneva", as it is known, provides around one out of every ten jobs in the canton and contributes towards 11.3% of Geneva's gross domestic product (GDP), estimated at CHF5.8 billion (2016).
In all, some 31,987 international diplomats and civil servants are based in the city, of whom around 2,724 staff are working for 380 non-governmental organisations. Around 9,500 staff work for the United Nations family in Geneva, which is the largest concentration of UN personnel in the world. There are also 177 states represented by permanent diplomatic missions to the UN. Some 1,651 multinationals are also registered in Geneva, providing over 76,000 jobs.

Tour International Geneva on a bike's Simon Bradley takes us on a whirlwind bicycle tour of the international district.

World view Behind the scenes in Geneva

Under-secretaries, trainees, ambassadors, nutritionists, security guards and many, many more: around 8,500 people work for the United Nations ...