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Biel Imam Anger at Swiss welfare bill for Muslim ‘hate preacher’

A Libyan Imam has received CHF600,000 ($620,000) in state welfare payments while preaching messages of hatred against other religions from a ...

Last witch ‘Anna Göldi was like a wild horse, impossible to catch’


Europe's last witch, Anna Göldi, continues to fascinate more than 200 years after her execution in Switzerland.

Tama's Tales A life-changing art project

This week, Tama visits the Kidswest Association set up a decade ago in Bern, which introduces art to disadvantaged children.

100 Years of Young Swiss Abroad "So that every child can get to know their roots"


For a century, the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad has enabled children with Swiss roots to spend holidays in Switzerland.

Council of the Swiss Abroad E-voting pilot project seen as a big success


For the first time ever, Swiss expatriates could cast their votes online in the elections for their assembly, the Swiss Abroad Council.

'newland' Opposition to immigration remains strong in Switzerland

It is a sensitive time for migration policy in Switzerland, and in Europe more widely. But the country is no stranger to such debates.

'newland' Reframing the Swiss immigration debate

Discussions about immigration are often plagued by the prejudices and presumptions of both sides. A new book attempts to go beyond ‘pro’ vs ‘anti’.

Arosa Swiss hotel sign asking Jews to shower sparks controversy

A hotel in the Swiss mountain resort of Arosa is under fire after it posted a sign telling Jewish guests to shower before swimming – sparking ...

Goodwill footballer Neymar becomes Handicap International envoy

Brazilian football star Neymar showed off his skills on the huge “Broken Chair” statue outside the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday.