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Portraits of the reformation ‘A virgin by day, a wench by night’


Huldrych Zwingli shows that you can be a passionate reformer, man of the cloth and skirt-chaser, all at once.

Anti-radicalisation The imam who guides Muslims in Swiss prisons

Imam Mustafa Memeti has been counselling Muslim prisoners for nearly 25 years in several Swiss prisons.

Religion behind bars Prison imam fights Muslim radicalisation

One in three prisoners in Switzerland worship Allah. But only a few jails allow imams to visit. The regional jail in Bern is one of them.

Tama's Tales Re-visiting a refugee centre

Tama Vakeesan visits a refugee centre for the first time since she herself was an asylum- seeker. Her Tamil parents fled the war in Sri Lanka.

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Immigration and naturalisation How long do foreigners stay in Switzerland?

Around 40% of foreigners in Switzerland were born in or have lived in the country for over 20 years. 

Nouvo Protecting animals

Guinea-pigs can’t be kept on their own without a friend in Switzerland – and this is just one of the country’s animal protection laws, there are ...