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Welfare payments Social benefits halve Swiss poverty

Almost 600,000 people live in poverty in Switzerland. Without social transfers this number would be more than twice as high. 

Council of Europe Switzerland urged to improve protection of vulnerable migrants

The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights has urged Switzerland to stop detaining migrant children arriving at Swiss international ...

Intersex in Switzerland ‘I feel like a man and a woman’

Edward learned he was intersex at age 16 – a diagnosis that changed his life. After some nightmare years, he’s learned to accept himself.

Basel Zoo Cheetah cubs spotted in Basel

Two cheetah cubs, not quite three months old, have taken their first hesitant steps in public, with mother Novi, at Bazel Zoo. Onysha and her ...

(Non) electrifying Taveyanne: far from the madding crowd

What was it like to live in the Alps before the age of electricity? The people in a small alpine village still know. (RTS/

Terminally ill children Paediatric palliative care still hard to find

A Swiss specialist says there is much to be done in terms of providing support for children suffering from incurable diseases, and for their families.