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Seventeen sheep were killed in Cama, canton Graubünden, on February 8, 2017. The prime suspect is a wolf, but DNA analysis is needed to confirm this.
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Swiss Academy of Sciences President Marcel Tanner believes scientists should spend more time getting their hands dirty in field training, and less time sitting in lecture halls.
Toothbrushes and a set of teeth in a dental office in Zurich
The Federal Railways is launching a voice control function on its app with a speaking timetable
A 3D X-ray photo of a 'Homo neanderthalensis' skull
A protest about the Trump ban was held at the International arrivals of Boston's Logan International Airport on January 28
The brain-computer interface detected patients responses by measuring changes in blood oxygen levels in the brain
The Aletsch glacier as seen from the Moosfluh on January 23, 2017

Weather prophet

Predicting the weather using ants

Martin Horat is one of six so-called "weather prophets" in canton Schwyz who base their forecasts on observations of a number of natural ...

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi teaching a class. It is thanks to the famous 18th century educational reformer that illiteracy was almost completely overcome in Switzerland by 1830
Researchers are a step closer to understanding how food affects an inflammatory response from gut bacteria
Swiss taxi drivers protest against Uber in Basel in June 2016
The research suggests that experiencing an emotional event – such as winning the U.S. Open – can influence how memories are made afterward.