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Sustainable construction Tour the Swiss flat made from recyclable, compostable...and edible materials

This modern flat doubles as a research project aimed at finding new materials and technologies to help reduce the resources needed for construction.

Waste not, want not Urban Mining: a second life for building material

Enrico Marchesi, innovation manager of the NEST building at Empa, explains the concept of Urban Mining and shows some examples.

Archaeology lesson Dozens of skeletons found under a Swiss school

Choir practice is on hold until archaeologists finish digging up dozens of skeletons buried beneath a school auditorium in Zurich.

Swiss Mountain Aid Why urbanites in Switzerland give generously to mountain farmers

Identity and patriotism play a big role in motivating people in the cities to come to the aid of struggling Alpine farmers.

Crypto Valley Swiss blockchain voting platform begins trial

The town of Zug has launched a trial blockchain voting system that could be rolled out to cover public votes in future years.