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Swiss initiative Could geo-engineering help reverse climate change?

Technologies that block solar radiation or remove CO2 could help tackle global warming. Switzerland is hoping the global community will explore them.

#Web30 As web turns 30, inventor reflects on how to fix growing pains

As the World Wide Web marks its 30th anniversary, inventor Tim Berners-Lee ponders what it has grown into and how to fix it. 

Women and science Scientific research remains male-dominated

Women remain underrepresented in science in Switzerland despite making inroads, an international comparison has shown.

This content was published on March 8, 2019 5:39 PM

Periodic table anniversary When Swiss chemists were in their element

Gadolinium, holmium and ytterbium. What are they and, for a bonus point, what have they got in common?

Geneva Motor Show Switzerland’s first electric sports car revealed

The first pictures of the electric prototype Piëch Mark Zero have been released at the Geneva International Motor Show. 

Anarchists in Switzerland part 2 The bombers of Zurich: how two Russians shaped Swiss history

In 1889, a Russian student in Zurich accidentally blew himself up. In the aftermath of the incident, a crackdown on undesirables in Switzerland.