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Basel Carnival Confetti king explains his ‘labour of love’

Basel’s carnival is in full swing and confetti is raining down on the city’s streets. Much of it is made by Hans Rudolf Streiff.

Fasnacht 2019 Political (in)correctness lights up Basel carnival

“To the end” is the motto of this year’s Basel carnival, which began on Monday at 4am.

Pschuuri The dark Swiss fertility tradition with hunters and ‘victims’

The “Pschuuri” Ash Wednesday festival in eastern Switzerland is possibly the least politically correct custom in the world. 

Periodic table anniversary When Swiss chemists were in their element

Gadolinium, holmium and ytterbium. What are they and, for a bonus point, what have they got in common?

Podcast Big bridges in the Big Apple

“Gateways to New York” is a documentary about Swiss engineer Othmar Ammann, who built many of New York’s most iconic bridges. 

WEF19 Colourful impressions of the World Economic Forum 2019

As the WEF annual general meeting draws to an end in Davos, we reflect on a hectic week of networking, brainstorming, protesting – and queuing. 

Presidential explainer Switzerland’s 19 living ex-presidents: a political record

Nineteen former Swiss presidents are still alive. What does this record say about the country’s political stability and leadership? 

In laws Are you legally up to date for 2019?

Various new or tweaked Swiss laws entered into force on January 1. Here are some of them.

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