Susan Misicka


Not content to mind her own business, Susan studied journalism in Boston so she’d have the perfect excuse to put herself in other people’s shoes and worlds. When not writing, presents and produces podcasts and videos. Initials: sm


Animals, environment, culture, portraits

Juri, a healthy male Eurasian lynx from Switzerland, upon his release in an Austrian national park
Workers lay reinforcement steel in a tunnel between Bellinzona and Lugano.
Located between cantons Bern and Neuchâtel, the Fanel nature reserve is home to beavers, wild boar, foxes and numerous birds.
Anti-Trump activists sending a message in the Swiss capital
Does she care about adverts? A girl watching the evening news in Switzerland
Finance Minister Ueli Maurer acknowledging defeat at a press conference on Sunday
As part of his training, David Gilligan regularly takes the horses for a drive.
Not so stellar: The start of Trump’s presidency, say editorials in the Swiss media
Many people in Valais would prefer that the wolves not come forth and multiply.
These Google servers in Oklahoma are subject to surveillance by US intelligence services. How much Swiss personal data is stored on them?
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