Anti-Trump activists sending a message in the Swiss capital
Does she care about adverts? A girl watching the evening news in Switzerland
Finance Minister Ueli Maurer acknowledging defeat at a press conference on Sunday
As part of his training, David Gilligan regularly takes the horses for a drive.
Not so stellar: The start of Trump’s presidency, say editorials in the Swiss media
Many people in Valais would prefer that the wolves not come forth and multiply.
These Google servers in Oklahoma are subject to surveillance by US intelligence services. How much Swiss personal data is stored on them?
Christian Hänny knows all of the cows by name, and they know him by sight.
Just over the Egyptian border in Sudan, Swiss filmmaker Sandra Gysi shows a boy how to use a camera.
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First position

Way to White House

How Swiss is the US electoral system?

The US electoral system may seem rather unique, but it actually has a lot in common with Switzerland’s brand of democracy. Here’s how they compare.

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Soaring with Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) was the first aircraft of its kind to circle the globe – flown by two Swiss pilots and making several stops along the way.

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Faces of Switzerland

To offer you a fresh glimpse of Swiss society and its diversity, this series from 2013 tells the stories of “ordinary” people of all ...