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City of peace on tour  Many Swiss ‘know little’ about International Geneva 

Switzerland invests millions in its strategy towards “International Geneva”, yet many people in the German-speaking region are unfamiliar with it.

IFRC Red Cross inaugurates new Geneva HQ

The new CHF59.4 million ($58.3 million) headquarters building was built thanks to a Swiss government loan

This content was published on May 6, 2019 8:15 PM

Environment Nations meet in Geneva to regulate plastic waste trade 

Officials from over 180 states have gathered in Geneva to discuss how to better manage the global trade in recyclable plastic.

Controversial weapons Killer robots: ‘do something’ or ‘do nothing’?

Countries are split over whether to agree strict rules on lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs), so-called killer robots.

#Web30 As web turns 30, inventor reflects on how to fix growing pains

As the World Wide Web marks its 30th anniversary, inventor Tim Berners-Lee ponders what it has grown into and how to fix it. 

Motor trends The growing Swiss love affair with 4x4s

The Swiss seem to be falling more and more in love with big powerful cars with four-wheel-drive performance.

‘Papyrus’ project Geneva to regularise 3,500 clandestine immigrants

Around 3,500 undocumented migrants living in Geneva are expected to be regularised under the ‘Papyrus’ scheme launched in 2015.

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