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Dual nationals Geneva: Switzerland’s most cosmopolitan canton

New statistics underline Geneva’s status as the most international canton: almost two-thirds of residents have a foreign passport.

State and religion Geneva to vote on divisive secularism law

Geneva is set to vote on a new law aimed at better regulating relations between religion and state, whilst reaffirming the principle of secularism.

From Turner to Whistler Victorian-era masterpieces on display in Lausanne

For the first time in Switzerland, fans of 19th-century British painting have a chance to witness a unique collection gathered in Lausanne.

100 years on Has the global labour organisation advanced workers’ rights?

Experts reflect on the relevance of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in today’s globalised world.

Safe in the mountains What’s the real risk from avalanches?

After an avalanche entered a hotel, what are the risks in Switzerland and how are such hazards monitored?

Living underground Study examines health of Geneva’s undocumented migrants

Little by little, Geneva is discovering more about the thousands of undocumented immigrants thought to be in the region.

Explainer Why do we need the Global Compact for Migration?

Over 160 UN member states formally adopted the migration pact on Monday in Marrakech. Why is Switzerland not attending?  

Ethical investing Huge drop revealed in cluster munitions investments

Some 88 financial institutions, including the Ticino firm Lemanik, reportedly invested $9 billion (CHF9 billion) in cluster bombs producers this year.

This content was published on December 3, 2018 12:23 PM
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