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federalism How wealthy Swiss regions subsidise their poorer cousins

Each year, Switzerland’s unique redistributive system, a cornerstone of federalism, shifts money from richer to poorer parts of the country.

Direct democracy series ‘Revolution will never start in Switzerland’

Populism isn’t just a right-wing phenomenon. A case in point: Tamara Funiciello, the outgoing president of Switzerland's Young Socialist Party.

Direct democracy series In Switzerland, populism thrives – but under control

In Switzerland, both populist and democratic ideals seem to thrive hand in hand. Why does the country buck the trend?

Direct democracy series Populism – what’s in a word?

As political change and fuzzy rhetoric spreads across Europe and beyond, there has been much talk about populism and its discontents.

V-Dem index One-third of the world living in ‘autocratising’ countries

The number of people living under autocratic systems has risen to 1990 levels, but it’s not time to sound democracy’s death knell.

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