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Publish or perish How scientists are redefining success

Switzerland wants to help implement alternatives to commonly used quantitative measures of scientific excellence.

Podcast How social media is changing science

We look at how the internet is changing science funding – and revolutionising the way scientists interact with the public and each other.

Women’s Brain Project Swiss non-profit aims to break taboo of women’s brain health

If depression is twice as common in women than men worldwide, does that mean we need to change how we think about gender, health, and science?

Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days Four questions for energy experts

Swiss and US experts talk about the future of energy: from urban mobility and smart cities, to helping energy systems bounce back from disaster.

Energy innovation Why our cities aren’t as smart as they could be

Are low-consumption, high-efficiency ‘green’ technologies enough to create the kind of sustainable cities we’d like to live in?

Switzerland-China comparison Why current air pollution limits only tackle half the problem

A comparison of air samples from Switzerland and China suggests that setting pollution restrictions based on particle size alone may not be enough.

Scientific diplomacy Nest boxes and neutrality: Middle East barn owl project seeks Swiss participation

A project to help farmers fight rodent pests using avian predators instead of poison aims to restore the ecosystem and cross-cultural dialogue.

Cosmology Research questions the fabric of our universe

Experts at two different Swiss institutions have recently published research that challenges the standard model of the cosmos and its properties.

4-6 degrees Celsius Swiss National Bank must rethink emissions-heavy investments

Climate Alliance Switzerland has called for a “stress test” of the Swiss financial system and given recommendations for protecting it and the climate.

Science and the media Should journalists be more critical of research involving animals?

An anti-animal testing advocate and a science journalist address the Swiss media’s role in the debate over research involving animals.

Smart sanitation Swiss cities: How clean is clean enough?

If you think Swiss streets are clean, meet the digital system that could make them even cleaner by counting and categorising different types of trash.

Energy potential How biomass could help Switzerland reach its energy goals

There is vast energy potential locked up in Swiss biomass like wood and manure. Accessing it will take more than technological innovation alone.

Water and agriculture Why small ponds have enormous value

Small water bodies provide countless services to humans and the environment, but natural Swiss ponds have all but vanished over the last 200 years.

Antibiotic Awareness Week How a teen is taking on antibiotic resistance

Nina Kathe has just started classes at the University of Zurich, but she’s already the author of award-winning research into a global health concern.

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