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Bosnia modernises From communism to IT-led startups

Swisscontact's mentoring project showed Erna Šoševic how to run her own business in a male-dominated society.

Swisscontact projects Talking business in Bosnia and Uganda

Start-ups in developing countries have been getting some sound business advice, thanks to the Swisscontact development foundation.

Fishy business Sinking or swimming in a tough climate

(Julie Hunt, 

Devastation When Spanish flu hit Switzerland

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 killed 25,000 Swiss people and infected half of the population.

2 million sick The flu pandemic that killed 25,000

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'Wolkenbruch' film An Orthodox Jew who breaks the rules

Screenwriter Thomas Meyer and director Michael Steiner talk about their comedy, "Wolkenbruch", working in Yiddish and keeping things authentic.

Animation Stephan Wicki on the nature of success

Swiss short film animators often produce their own films and try to show them at festivals around the globe to win prizes.

Critiquing self-obsession ‘I take selfies, therefore I am’

Claudius Gentinetta talks about the making of his new film, "Selfies".

A sketchy existence Swiss animation scene needs polish

The success of "My Life as a Courgette" has boosted animation in Switzerland, but experts say more professionalism is needed.

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