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Biodiversity threat Hunting down invasive plant species

Bern volunteers make war on invasive plants that threaten biodiversity.

world premier All aboard with a new Alpine railway invention

Swiss invention makes Alpine travel more comfortable.

Humanitarian rodents Rats save lives in landmine-infested areas

Rats aren't always popular, but they can be trained to do dangerous, life-saving work.

Eco trend The rise of zero-waste shops in Switzerland

Zero waste is about not wasting food and resources and avoiding plastic packaging if possible. We visited a zero-waste shop in Bern to find out more.

Which career? Choosing a profession when you're only 14

Swiss teenagers describe how they made their career choices at the tender age of 14. (Julie Hunt, 

Mine Awareness Day Switzerland wages war on landmines

In the international battle against landmines, Switzerland invests millions per year, making it a key donor. 

treacherous tobogganing How women are taking on the Cresta Run

(Julie Hunt/ with extra footage from Riccardo Spalacci) 

Break with tradition Making way for women at the dangerous Cresta Run

This season, women are allowed to race the whole way down the iconic Cresta Run toboggan track in Switzerland for the first time in 90 years.

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