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Paper cuts and beautiful robots Master Craftsman Award boosts Swiss arts scene

The Swiss Association of Arts and Crafts wants to show its support for craftsmen and women working in Switzerland with a new type of prize.

Ski challenge Learn to ski in three lessons!

Ski nation? Getting the Swiss back on skis

How can the Swiss be persuaded to hit the slopes again?

Future planning What MBA students want

Giulia Gatti and Hagen Rockmann, students in the MBA programme at the University of St Gallen, talk about honing their business skills and their ...

Something to sing about How to get a bachelor’s degree in yodelling

People are expected to take singing lessons before applying to join a yodelling club. Now a college is offering a bachelor course in yodelling. 

Yodelling major Elevating ancient singing form to degree level

At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, you can now major in yodelling as part of a bachelor degree in folk music. 

Bosnia modernises From communism to IT-led startups

Swisscontact's mentoring project showed Erna Šoševic how to run her own business in a male-dominated society.

Swisscontact projects Talking business in Bosnia and Uganda

Start-ups in developing countries have been getting some sound business advice, thanks to the Swisscontact development foundation.

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