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Paper cuts and beautiful robots Master Craftsman Award boosts Swiss arts scene

The Swiss Association of Arts and Crafts wants to show its support for craftsmen and women working in Switzerland with a new type of prize.

WEF19 Colourful impressions of the World Economic Forum 2019

As the WEF annual general meeting draws to an end in Davos, we reflect on a hectic week of networking, brainstorming, protesting – and queuing. 

#swisshistorypics The ‘winter of terror’ that changed Swiss avalanche prevention

In the extreme winter of 1951, more than 1,300 avalanches across Switzerland destroyed 1,000 buildings and killed 98 people.

Harald Naegeli Let us spray: Swiss artist given permission to graffiti church

Controversial artist Harald Naegeli, better known as the 'Sprayer of Zurich’, will get to work on Zurich’s historic Grossmünster.

culture Mixing tradition and passion to make modern Swiss wine

Organic wine is gaining popularity and in Switzerland, some viticulturists like Jean-Denis Perrochet are also coupling this with traditional ...

Natural disaster How does Switzerland respond to a disaster abroad?

Switzerland has sent relief aid to Sulawesi following the tsunami. We look at how Switzerland responds to calls for aid in such circumstances.

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