The poll shows the mood in the population about the Swiss parliament and other political players  
It took four nationwide votes since the 1980s to ease the strict citizenship procedure for third generation immigrants 
The weapon that authorities say Anis Amri used in Milan and Berlin
New houses next to old in the centre of Sempach
These Google servers in Oklahoma are subject to surveillance by US intelligence services. How much Swiss personal data is stored on them?
Finance Minister Maurer hopes to win support for his idea to boost the border guard unit
Prospective tenants have to visit six places on average before finding a suitable place
Indigenous communities in the east of the country have been displaced to make way for coal mines and power stations
Refugees have been concentrating at the Swiss-Italian border in particular
A new car-free and child-friendly housing complex in canton Aargau in 2015
The IT specialist arrives at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona
The Swiss justice minister in Brussels on Friday, with EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove.
The Swiss National Bank would hold a monopoly in granting loans if the so called Sovereign Money initiative were approved by voters 
The divide between Switzerland's French- and German-speaking regions is jokingly called the "Röstigraben" or "rösti ditch" in reference to the potato dish popular in German-speaking Switzerland.