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March 4 vote Swiss small-business owners debate media fee

A leading Swiss business organisation supports doing away with licence fees for public service broadcasters. Two of its members discuss the issue.

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Smart sanitation Swiss cities: How clean is clean enough?

If you think Swiss streets are clean, meet the digital system that could make them even cleaner by counting and categorising different types of trash.

Holocaust Memorial Day Coming to terms with a tarnished Swiss wartime record

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, swissinfo.ch looks back at Switzerland’s questionable wartime policies towards Jews fleeing Nazi persecution.

Vote March 4, 2018 Federal taxes: billions of francs and muted opposition

Swiss voters will have the final say in March on the government’s right to tax its citizens and companies, including value added tax (VAT).

Presumed consent Organ donation: direct democracy and the law

Two doctors express concern that a Swiss initiative aimed at making everyone a potential organ donor could be a dangerous shortcut to more donations.

Bottlenecks Plans presented to improve Swiss road network

The government has outlined its proposals to improve Switzerland's national roads.

Transplantation Organ donations increasing but still insufficient

A record number of organs from deceased donors were transplanted in Switzerland in 2017, but the country is set to miss its target this year, says ...

Points of view Government minister calls for media quality and diversity

Communications Minister Doris Leuthard has made a strong case for media diversity in Switzerland to bolster the country’s democracy. In a ...

Initiative withdrawn Domestic banking secrecy will not go to a nationwide vote

A proposal to enshrine banking secrecy for Swiss residents in the country’s constitution has been formally withdrawn.

Biel/Bienne Swiss watchmaking city tries to shed gritty reputation

Home to watchmaking giants Rolex and Swatch, the city of Biel struggles to attract newcomers due to a reputation for financial and cultural poverty.

Counter-proposal Government rejects Swiss ‘burka ban’ initiative

Instead it wants to crack down on people forcing others to wear face-covering headgear.

Political drift Polarisation of Swiss parliament continues

The left and right wings in the Swiss parliament are moving further apart with politicians increasingly sticking to the party line.