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Vote June 10, 2018 Survey predicts ‘sovereign money’ initiative will fail

A sweeping reform of Switzerland’s monetary system is unlikely to win a majority in a nationwide vote on June 10.

Cold War unit Secret army documents cannot be found, says defence ministry

The Swiss defence ministry says it has not found missing documents related to a covert Cold War-era army unit, and is closing its search. 

Non-binary ‘Passports should not specify a person’s gender’

Man or woman? Milusch Pati prefers to self-define as non-binary. He/she says Germany's decision to allow a "third gender" doesn’t go far enough.

Vote June 10, 2018 Sovereign money: the answer to financial crises?

A controversial proposal for a sweeping reform of Switzerland's monetary system will be put to a nationwide vote on June 10.

Fantasy democracy The Swiss village that’s home to an imaginary state

It has its own currency and rejects the democratic state of Switzerland: an imaginary republic in Müllheim, canton Thurgau.

‘Ballot box tourism’ Fictitious moves revive tensions over historic Moutier vote

Several citizens moved their addresses temporarily to the town of Moutier to be able to take part in the historic vote last year.