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Emerging world power Switzerland ponders response to China’s expansion

Bern is under mounting pressure to stand up to China as Switzerland enhances ties with the world power.

Global democracy Foundations for league of ‘Democracy Cities’ laid in Rome

A global democracy forum in Rome launches a 'Magna Charta' for enhancing direct democracy in cities around the world.

Arms exports Values and weapons, Switzerland delivers both

Swiss peace brokering and Swiss weapons in the world’s wars are uncomfortable bedfellows. We take a closer look at the issue.

Rheinau experiment Hundreds of Swiss sign up for unconditional income

With more than enough willing participants, the experiment with the unconditional basic income is a step closer to reality.

Boost for expat Swiss group Opponents of e-voting suffer setback in parliament

Parliament has thrown out attempts to stall the permanent introduction of e-voting – a decision welcomed by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.

Social security Supplementary benefits – what are they and who receives them?

Reducing financial support for the country’s poorest citizens is triggering heated debates in parliament.

Vote September 23, 2018 Cost concerns eat away at support for food initiatives

Two proposals to promote sustainable agriculture in Switzerland and ethical food have seen a massive drop in support according to pollsters.

Political campaigns 2019 The decade of ballot box upsets is over

Since the last parliamentary elections three years ago, the Swiss people have not adopted a single people's initiative. Is this a turning point?