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Podcast Learning life skills at the circus

Swiss equilibrist Meret Ryhiner “ran away with the circus” in 1979. Now she’s a much-loved mentor New Orleans.

Art and science How Swiss artists are joining in the climate change debate

Switzerland’s identity, so closely tied to its climate, is changing as the country slowly warms. Artists are now stepping into the mainstream debate.

Documentary film How René Gardi shaped Swiss views of Africa

In “African Mirror”, director Mischa Hedinger recounts the career of photographer and film-maker René Gardi in colonial Cameroon in the 1950s.

Religion The Jewish cemetery in no man’s land

How did the largest and oldest Jewish cemetery in Switzerland come to lie in a wooded no man's land between the villages of Endingen and Lengnau?

nouvo Goodbye, see you soon

All good things come to an end: it's been a pleasure to entertain you and inform you about current events in Switzerland.

#SWIonTour From yodel to bebop

Gabriela Martina left the Lucerne countryside to study jazz in the US. Today, the vocalist and composer teaches at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Asylum policy From convicts to migrants: the transformation of Moutier

The prison in Moutier holds asylum seekers destined for expulsion. This has brought major changes for employees and the institution.