Nouvo Tracassets World Championship


The most local of World Championships: the tracassets race takes place in canton Vaud in Switzerland! What is it?

Nouvo Eating insects


Eating and selling some types of insects will be allowed in Switzerland from May 1st. But why is the practice regulated in the first place?

Tama's Tales Episode 2: My big fat Tamil wedding

Tama Vakeesan was born in Switzerland – to Tamil parents from Sri Lanka. Tama and her best friends have a clear vision of their dream man.

Nouvo Naked hikers


A Swiss photographer came up with an original project: he followed a group of naked hikers around Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Nouvo French elections


French expats in Switzerland chose Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the French elections. Here are three reasons why the candidate might ...

Nouvo Underground antennae


Telecommunications provider, Swisscom, is planning to install new antennae underground in cities around Switzerland. They should help improve ...

Nouvo Young farmers struggle to find land


In Switzerland, almost one in four young people studying farming don't have their own farms or land where they can put their skills into practice, ...

Lie detector Fake news spotting tool gets better

An EU-funded project to develop a tool to spot false information online has made “a lot of progress”, but the technology still has a way to go.

Nouvo The devil's avocado


Avocados are great for our health but not so good for our conscience. From deforestation in Mexico to using up water resources in Chile, the fruit ...

Hats and canes Chaplin museum celebrates first birthday with world record

Some of the 662 “Tramps” who took part in the world’s largest gathering of people dressed as Charlie Chaplin’s most famous character. They met at ...

Golden eagle The raptor with the unjustified bad rap

This is the only large Swiss predator that survived the days when the bearded vulture, the lynx, the wolf and the brown bear were exterminated.