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nouvo Turning sunrays into fuel

Adding CO2 and water to sunrays, scientists have produced a transparent liquid that could power planes and cars.

nouvo David's little piece of Switzerland

Cheese, pocket knives and trains: these might be the first images that come to mind when thinking of Switzerland. Here are David's.

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Federal Gymnastics Festival Nearly 70,000 gymnasts perform at rare event

The 76th edition of the Federal Gymnastics Festival in Aarau, northern Switzerland, ended on Sunday with a colourful closing ceremony.

Take a look Picture of the week

In this series, picture editors choose an image highlighting a news event of the past seven days.

Winegrowers’ celebration A journey back in time at the Fête des Vignerons

A historical look at the once-in-a-generation Fête des Vignerons (Winegrowers’ Festival) held in the small Lake Geneva town of Vevey.

Klöntalersee Ice cream by boat on a picturesque Swiss lake

André van Sprundel is a successful businessman with an unusual hobby. He is the only person in the country who sells ice cream to bathers by boat.

Black holes & glam rock Starmus, the festival where stars and music align

Astrophysicist Garik Israelian and Queen guitarist Brian May are coming to Switzerland with their unique festival combining guitars and galaxies.

Nouvo Giulia's little piece of Switzerland

During our trip to Rome we asked young Swiss abroad to show us the objects that make them think of their country of origin. Here are Giulia's.

nouvo First in line for chores

In Switzerland, 70% of work at home is still done by women. If they were to be paid, it would cost up to CHF 293 billion ($ 293.6 billion) a year.

saving lives Where Swiss transport is crash-tested

This centre carries out safety checks on everything from cars to black boxes on planes.

personal perspective Experiencing a burnout

Anne was a salesperson at a large department store, managing several departments, when she experienced a burnout. 

#swisshistorypics A century of Circus Knie

One hundred years ago, Circus Knie gave its first performance in the Swiss capital, Bern.

Swiss Jihadist speaks out ‘If I can’t return to Switzerland, I'd prefer a bullet in the head’

In northeast Syria, Swiss public television (RTS) interviewed a Swiss jihadist who has been detained by the Kurds since January 2018. 

‘Blossom’: in photos Photographing a floral symphony

The photo book "Blossom" shows flowers in all their forms. A veteran Swiss photographer and team of designers bring the blooms to life on its pages. 

nouvo Gender equality in the art world

125 museums, hundred of exhibitions, pages of data: what percentage of exhibited artworks in Swiss museums is created by women artists?