Interactive Digital Swiss stamps ‘come to life‘

Swiss Post has gone digital with its postage stamps


Swiss Post is has issued stamps with multimedia elements as part of its efforts to win the attention of consumers and philatelists.

The first stamp edition of the current year contains interactive elements, such as surveys and competitions and can be accessed using a smartphone and the Post-App, according to a press release on Wednesday.

By scanning the special stamp series on animal babies, a video provides additional facts on individual animal species portrayed, the company says.

The scanned stamps can also be ordered directly by smartphone.

In its first edition in 2017, Swiss Post is also honoring the anniversaries of historical events, including the opening 50 years ago of the Schilthorn railway in the Bernese Alps and the Swiss Heart Foundation.

The only remaining glassworks in central Switzerland as well as the history of the bicycle are other topics.

A special stamp is also dedicated to the mystic and hermit Nicholas of Flüe, who was born 600 years ago and became a peace broker in the 15th century.