Intelligence service reform

Press review New surveillance powers seen as ‘leap of faith’

Who will watch the watchers? Swiss newspapers have called on the government to keep a closer eye on the federal intelligence service.

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Old age pension boost

Voting motivation Why do some people vote against their best interests?

An upcoming initiative on raising pension payments has raised questions about the role of personal and national interests in direct democracy.

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Sustainable economy

Fact Check Is Switzerland the world champion of recycling?

Finding international studies on recycling may be easy, but crowning a champion is not.

Vote September 25 Reducing Switzerland’s carbon footprint by 2050

Switzerland needs an economy that is based on the sustainable use of natural resources. An initiative by the Green Party wants to incorporate this ...

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Cantonal votes

Political rights Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you if you can vote

If you live in Switzerland but you are not Swiss, your political rights such as the ability to vote depend largely on where you reside.

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About 5.2 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of the Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the September 25, 2016 ballot.

Votes on a broad range of issues, as well as elections, also took place in many cantons and communes across the country.

It was the third in a series of four nationwide ballots this year.

Visual data

Explore 600 national votes How direct democracy has grown over the decades

The number of issues put to vote has increased considerably since the 1970s. The graphics present more than 600 nationwide votes since 1848.

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