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Vote September 24, 2017

Voters decided on three issues in the nationwide ballot on September 24: A reform of the state old age pension system, including an increase in VAT to bolster the funding of the scheme, as well as a constitutional amendment on food security. 

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Old age pension reform

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Food security

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About 5.3 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of the Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the September 24, 2017 ballot.

Votes on a broad range of issues, as well as elections, also took place in many cantons and municipalities across the country.

It was the third and final set of nationwide ballots this year.

Have your say How would you vote in the Swiss referendum?

While not all of our readers have a vote for September 24, many of you still have an opinion. Tell us how you would vote if you could.

Explore 600 national votes How direct democracy has grown over the decades

The number of issues put to vote has increased considerably since the 1970s. The graphics present more than 600 nationwide votes since 1848.