Global nuclear trends

Abandoning nuclear power

Nuclear alert Two days in a shelter with 27 neighbours and a barking dog

The work to dismantle the Mühleberg nuclear power plant has begun but a nuclear accident can’t be ruled out for some time.

Atomic withdrawal The end of a Swiss nuclear power plant

Ahead of a vote calling for 45 year limits to nuclear power plants, we look at what dismantling a nuclear power plant involves.

Fact check Have Switzerland’s nuclear reactors become too old and dangerous?

Swiss voters may have little reason to fear a major nuclear accident triggered by age-related issues.

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Alternatives to nuclear power

Green energy Switzerland drags feet over renewables

Switzerland produces less solar and wind energy per inhabitant – only 170 kilowatt hours – than most other European countries, or enough energy ...

Hydro-electric crisis Water energy faces turbulent future

Switzerland’s hydro plants are facing some stiff competition from cheaper imported energy. The future of loss-making power stations hangs in the ...

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Power places

Switzerland's hydropower infrastructure takes many different architectural forms. Some 60 per cent of Switzerland's energy is produced by water.

Solar impulse No fuel airplane

Solar Impulse is the first airplane of its kind to fly both during the night and day as the solar panels charge the batteries for night flying.

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