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A vote approving the re-introduction of immigration quotas for EU citizens has placed Swiss-EU relations in question.

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Research proposals in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities, and physical sciences and engineering received funding, with the most grants going to the latter category.
Demand for highly skilled workers in Switzerland is high
Geneva’s banking and finance industry employs some 37,000 people
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The immigration question: background and history
Many of the workers involved in the Swiss project to build the world's longest railway tunnel came from different EU countries
So-called guest workers, mainly from Italy, supplied Switzerland's need for labour after the Second World War
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Challenging negotiations
The aim of the plan is to strike a balance between limiting immigration while skirting EU free movement accords. 
The construction industry is heavily reliant on foreign workers 
Twelve months ago, campaigners for the Out of the Dead End (Raus aus der Sackgasse -RASA - in German) handed in enough signatures for a nationwide vote 
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Cross-border relations
Britons have a long history in Switzerland, and now tens of thousands call it home  
British Prime Minister David Cameron announces his resignation on the morning after the Brexit vote.

opinion After the Brexit earthquake

Klaus Dingwerth
, St Gallen

Facing the leave vote, other EU members will not return to business as usual; talk about a new plan for renewing the EU will be omnipresent.

The situation at the Swiss-French border near Geneva on November 16
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