Cause and effects of the strong Swiss franc

Investors have flocked to the Swiss franc since the financial crisis. What's been the fallout?

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A screen shows currency indexes at the Swiss stock market in Zurich the day after the Brexit vote. Swiss stocks fell sharply and the franc rose in strength
Thomas Jordan, president of the Swiss National Bank, pictured in June in Bern
Switzerland appears to be an emerging hub for the digital currency industry
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The Swiss National Bank reacts
Swiss exporters are bracing themselves for another hike in the relative value of the franc
SNB chairman Thomas Jordan has nowhere to hide
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Economic consequences
Cost pressure has led Swiss manufacturers to consider moving outside Switzerland
It's not yet clear whether, with the rise of artificial intelligence, workforce automation will lead to an overall rise or drop in human job creation. 
ChemChina's $43.3 billion takeover of Basel-based Syngenta last year was China's greatest-ever operation abroad.
The hard-hit Swiss machine tool industry is expected to rebound after a two year decline
More ski lifts are losing profits as poor snow conditions and the strong franc kick in
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Investors know the feeling