Climate challenge: reaching a global accord

The Paris accord signed in December 2015 will come into effect in 2020. It aims to limit global average temperatures.

Klimawandel – ein Dossier von
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Swiss developments
Members of the press and delegates gather at climate talks in Marrakesh
The Tighanimine Filahia cooperative produces argan oil from native trees. it's an ingredient used by cosmetic firms like Aveda and the Body Shop.
The ProClim report "Spotlight on Swiss Climate" was presented in Bern in parallel with the kickoff of the global climate summit COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco on November 7.
A key impact of climate change on forests will be the shifting of vegetation zones to higher altitudes.
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A contentious political issue
UNEP has warned that global temperatures could rise up to 3.4 degrees Celsius this century, way above the 1.5-2 degree limits set in the Paris Agreement
Dogon villages in Mali's Sahel region: Desertification and rising temperatures are making farming here increasingly more desperate.
The all-terrain vehicles (pictured) are dubbed "Duro", which stands for durable and robust.
Some of the elderly ladies who handed in a legal complaint to the Swiss governemt about its climate policies
Experts say the Swiss can play a larger role in the global warming fight.
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Crunching the numbers
Sunset lovers enjoying a mild evening on Lake Zurich on December 27, 2015
The Arctic will be the region most affected by global temperature rise

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Soaring with Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) was the first aircraft of its kind to circle the globe – flown by two Swiss pilots and making several stops along the way.