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Downward trend Number of asylum seekers in Switzerland drops to eight-year low

The number of asylum seekers in Switzerland is dropping, precipitating the closure of cantonal and communal asylum centres.

This content was published on September 30, 2018 4:43 PM

Empty beds Swiss asylum costs rise by 60% per person

Switzerland’s asylum centres were only half full last year, but the cost per asylum seeker was 60% over the budget.

This content was published on March 11, 2018 1:37 PM
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Crowd innovation Vote on fresh ideas to tackle immigration policy

How to break a perceived stalemate in Switzerland’s immigration policy? More than 100 ideas gathered in a crowd-sourcing project are awaiting the ...

The Mediterranean Sea: a mass grave The struggle to identify drowned migrants

Three years after the migrant boat tragedy in Lampedusa, in which 366 people drowned, relatives are still trying to identify dead bodies to ...

Fact check Are most asylum seekers economic migrants?

As voters prepare to vote on reforms to Switzerland’s asylum law on June 5, the conservative right Swiss People’s Party has insisted that most ...

Workplace integration Apprenticeships for refugees get a reboot

After testing the waters a decade ago, Switzerland wants to give refugees access to its apprenticeship system with a new national initiative. 

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Year in review 2015: when the wave of migrants reached Europe

Which countries have been most affected by the influx of migrants and refugees? What impact would quotas have? The answers in a series of ...

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Asylum lottery Six graphs to understand the migration phenomenon

Every day, thousands of refugees and migrants are crossing European borders, searching for protection or a better life. It is posing an ...

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