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Environment, foreigners, women's rights What are the burning issues in Swiss votes?

Since 1848, the Swiss have had their say on over 600 nationwide ballots. Which have been the most popular issues in recent times?

in depth Vote September 24, 2017

A look at the issues on the ballot sheet for the September 24 nationwide votes.

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Before the vote is after the vote Why the pension reform vote is not the end of the story


A reform of the country’s old age pension scheme is an important, but only temporary decision, illustrates that direct democracy comes at a price.

Democracy Labs Making your voice heard in a democracy

How do people find their political fit and motivation, particularly migrants?

International Democracy Day Boosting citizens’ participation worldwide


Ten years ago, the UN established a global annual opportunity to celebrate this planet’s most successful government system - direct democracy.

Opinion Double ‘yes’ vote will secure our old age


The Pensions 2020 is a balanced package that guarantees our old-age provisions and pensions, says Barbara Gysi.

Opinion Pensions 2020 is a reform in name only


The reform of the old-age and disability pension and the professional pension is not the way to secure pensions for the future, says Petra Gössi.