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Debate Does the ‘Swiss law first’ initiative strengthen or weaken democracy?

Voters will soon decide on giving the Swiss constitution priority over international law. We bring you a debate on the issue.

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Death by choice The global fight for assisted suicide

Swiss right-to-die organisations are politically and legally active abroad in a drive to legalise assisted suicide worldwide.

Vote November 25 Support for ‘Swiss law first’ initiative remains limited

A rightwing proposal to put Swiss law above international law has failed to win more support. It looks set for rejection by voters on November 25.

Vote November 25 Topsy-turvy campaigning styles enliven controversial vote

The political right has surprised many with unusually plain and sober ad designs ahead of the vote about the "Swiss law first" initiative.

Fact check True or false: ‘Cows need horns to communicate’

The farmer behind the nationwide vote on November 25 to save Swiss cow horns has often claimed that cows need horns to communicate. Is he right? 

Expat voting Swiss e-voting system to undergo ‘hacker test’

Next year, Swiss authorities will put one of the country’s two e-voting systems up for attack by hackers – with a prize on offer for breaking it.

Vote November 25 Social sleuths to snoop on Swiss Abroad too?

Surveillance of social insurance clients abroad may take place only if provided for by international treaties, according to the Swiss authorities.

Opinion ‘Insurance surveillance law is open to interpretation’

Social Democratic parliamentarian Silvia Schenker argues the new law on social security insurance fraud was drafted in haste and is of poor quality.

Opinion ‘Insurance fraud is unfair and asocial’

Taxpayers and honest citizens will have to foot the bill for insurance cheats if a new law is not accepted by voters, argues Mauro Tuena.

Vote November 25 Swiss farmers divided over removal of cows’ horns

The vote on cow horn removal has revealed divisions within the Swiss agricultural community. A visit to two farms reveals why.

Swiss reaction Threat of gridlock spoils Democrats’ ‘revenge’ in US midterms

The Swiss press wonders: will Donald Trump double-down his attacks on the Democrats and any other perceived enemy, or consider seeking compromises? 

Opinion The initiative? No need to take the cow by the horns

The cow horn initiative is unnecessary and could stir up dissension among farmers, warns Pierre-André Page, parliamentarian and a farmer himself.

Opinion ‘Yes’ in the name of animal welfare

The health and well-being of animals is the main motivation behind the cow horn initiative, says Green Party parliamentarian Michael Töngi.