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Corporate responsibility Paradise Papers fuel Swiss better business initiative - for now

In Switzerland, a coalition of 85 non-governmental organisations and trade unions are backing an initiative called “responsible business”.

Security of e-voting Should Swiss vote hackers be rewarded with cash?

A Swiss politician calls on the government to offer a reward to anyone who can hack the e-voting system.

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Paid time off What would paternity leave mean for the Swiss?

Labour law in Switzerland does not provide any paternity leave. Now Swiss voters must decide whether to introduce it.

Sister systems Swiss and US democracy: twins separated at birth?

The roots of direct democracy, which took hold in both the United States and Switzerland, can be traced back to the Iroquois Native Americans.

tech and democracy Looking ahead to government by smartphone

Two new books look at how countries around the world, including Switzerland, are adapting to the demands of a digital age.

Democratic rights Should people with severe mental disabilities be able to vote?

People with disabilities who have been placed under full guardianship do not have the right to vote in Switzerland. Is this discrimination?

Direct Democracy Around the world in 200 days for people power

Swiss-Swedish author and journalist Bruno Kaufmann has set off on a world tour to explore the state of democracy.

Electoral Barometer 2017 Switzerland remains an island of political stability

While the political situation in Switzerland’s neighbouring countries has changed radically in recent months, Switzerland remains an island of ...