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Vote booklet User guide for direct democracy undergoes revamp

The official booklet for Swiss citizens seeking information on forthcoming nationwide votes has been given a make-over.

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Democracy in action Swiss village showcases battle over lakefront access

The super-rich love to buy Swiss villas with private access to water. The snag is that, legally, the public have access to all lakes and rivers.

Initiative withdrawn Domestic banking secrecy will not go to a nationwide vote

A proposal to enshrine banking secrecy for Swiss residents in the country’s constitution has been formally withdrawn.

Democracy Toolbox Every three months, a revolution

The people's initiative is a promise for, or a threat of a potential revolution in Switzerland.

Swiss DNA The local club as a school of democracy

Clubs and associations are crucial for society and democracy. But there are no precise figures as there is no duty to register.

Mike Müller ‘Town hall meetings are the archetype of democracy’

The Swiss comedian and actor Mike Müller is touring Switzerland with a show devoted to town hall meetings.

Counter-proposal Government rejects Swiss ‘burka ban’ initiative

Instead it wants to crack down on people forcing others to wear face-covering headgear.

Animal cruelty products If parliament refuses to act, it’s the people’s turn

The Swiss parliament recently rejected a motion to ban imports of products involving cruelty to animals, but now the people could have their say.

Democracy International A piece of Swiss democracy down under

After years of dispute, the Australian parliament recently passed the same-sex marriage bill. But the Australian people themselves paved the way.

‘Island of high prices’ Swiss fair price initiative heads for nationwide vote

The “For Fair Prices” initiative handed in 107,908 citizen signatures on Tuesday, triggering a nationwide vote on costs of consumer goods.