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Big hurdle remains EU welcomes Swiss double vote on guns and taxes

The European Union has issued a positive, yet guarded, response after Swiss voters agreed at the weekend to both bring gun laws and the corporate ...

This content was published on May 20, 2019 2:26 PM

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Vote May 19, 2019

Swiss voters decided on reforms of the gun law and an overhaul of the corporate tax system.

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Bern cantonal vote Voters decide against cuts to welfare payments

Welfare benefits will not be reduced in canton Bern after voters threw out a proposal to lower public spending below agreed standards.

This content was published on May 19, 2019 6:52 PM

sabbath retail Geneva shops to open three Sundays per year, voters decide

Geneva voters have narrowly accepted a new law to allow shops open on Sundays. A trial period of three Sundays per year for two years will be tested.

This content was published on May 19, 2019 5:35 PM

New Mayor Will letting foreigners vote revitalise St Moritz?

One of Christian Jott Jenny's first proposals as mayor of the exclusive Swiss resort is to give voting rights to foreign residents.

V-Dem index One-third of the world living in ‘autocratising’ countries

The number of people living under autocratic systems has risen to 1990 levels, but it’s not time to sound democracy’s death knell.

2019 Parliamentary elections Switzerland's political middle is gaining ground

Switzerland's Liberal Green Party has not only seen gains in cantonal parliament elections, it also shows potential on a national level.

fact check Do tightened gun laws lead to greater security?

Closing loopholes in the existing gun law will further protect citizens, says the Swiss government. Opponents who disagree may be on to something.

Guns for sport How the Swiss show their ‘great love of shooting’

Sport shooting has long history and is popular in Switzerland, as a visit to two shooting clubs in Geneva shows.

Vote May 19, 2019 Corporate tax: slowing down the race to the bottom

Switzerland will soon vote on a revision of the corporate taxation system. How does this fit into international efforts to tackle avoidance?

In photos Switzerland, a nation of gun lovers

Shooting is a favourite leisure sport in Switzerland. But gun lovers fear a new weapons law could spoil their fun.

Analysis Loss of pubs and villages affects local decision making

With village pubs closing and municipalities merging, people in Switzerland are becoming less involved in local democracy.