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Multilingualism Why the Swiss still speak in dialects

It's not easy to understand the Swiss, even if you speak one of the national languages. Here's a guide to why that is.

Sustainable construction Tour the Swiss flat made from recyclable, compostable...and edible materials

This modern flat doubles as a research project aimed at finding new materials and technologies to help reduce the resources needed for construction.

Waste not, want not Urban Mining: a second life for building material

Enrico Marchesi, innovation manager of the NEST building at Empa, explains the concept of Urban Mining and shows some examples.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Daisy Gilardini ‘Science is the brain, but photography is the heart’

Swiss nature photographer Daisy Gilardini was appointed “photographer-in-residence” for the magazine Canadian Geographic.

Archaeology lesson Dozens of skeletons found under a Swiss school

Choir practice is on hold until archaeologists finish digging up dozens of skeletons buried beneath a school auditorium in Zurich.