Christian Constantin’s mega-project From an abandoned refinery to a green city

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How will a green city of 20,000 inhabitants rise up from an old Tamoil refinery site?

Inactive since January 2015, the refinery is located in the municipality of Collombey-Muraz, halfway between Sion and Lausanne. The 130 hectares of land would first have to undergo major decontamination work.

The investment required to build this city of the future is estimated at nearly CHF4 billion ($3.98 billion). To collect such a sum, entrepreneur Christian Constantin is relying on international funding. Described as visionary by its promoters, the project has been quite well received by local authorities. 

But, there are still many obstacles to overcome before this vision can become a reality. Other buyers are interested in the land, and the change of status will not be easy in a canton that must drastically reduce its building zones.