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All aboard… ‘Chinese trains could one day travel through the Gotthard’

Chinese trains are on track to be a major force in the European market, says a Swiss-based railway expert and consultant.

Vote September 24, 2017 Enshrining food security, from the farm to the fork

Voters will decide on an integral plan for ensuring Swiss food security. The content of the text spans the entire agricultural and food-supply chain.

Meal, worms Insect balls and burgers go on sale in Switzerland

Edible insects have made their debut on Swiss supermarket shelves. The selection includes burgers and balls made with mealworms.

Political impasse Swiss companies pull out of Venezuela

Swiss firms are cutting hundreds of jobs in long-established branch offices in crisis-hit Venezuela.

Moving house Historic building rolls downhill

A 140-year-old mansion in northeast Switzerland has been moved 20 metres downhill.

Financial services Swiss abroad pressure banks at home

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) is putting political pressure on Swiss banks for their treatment of Swiss clients living abroad.