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Vote November 25 Support for ‘Swiss law first’ initiative remains limited

A rightwing proposal to put Swiss law above international law has failed to win more support. It looks set for rejection by voters on November 25.

Swiss industry᾽s hidden gems Meet a company at the heart of Swiss-made high precision

Swiss industry owes much of its success to the thousands of SMEs that export extreme precision parts, tools and machines around the world.

Vote November 25 Social sleuths to snoop on Swiss Abroad too?

Surveillance of social insurance clients abroad may take place only if provided for by international treaties, according to the Swiss authorities.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Claudio Ghizzo ‘Switzerland is the model I always refer to’

Claudio Ghizzo was born in Italy to a Swiss mother. The 32-year-old nurse believes his Swiss origins have influenced his civic spirit.

Farming life ‘Worrying’ suicide rates found among Swiss farmers

The suicide rate among Swiss farmers is almost 40% higher than the average for men in rural areas, a study has found.

Opinion ‘Insurance surveillance law is open to interpretation’

Social Democratic parliamentarian Silvia Schenker argues the new law on social security insurance fraud was drafted in haste and is of poor quality.

Opinion ‘Insurance fraud is unfair and asocial’

Taxpayers and honest citizens will have to foot the bill for insurance cheats if a new law is not accepted by voters, argues Mauro Tuena.

Vote November 25 Swiss farmers divided over removal of cows’ horns

The vote on cow horn removal has revealed divisions within the Swiss agricultural community. A visit to two farms reveals why.

Working at the trainwash In Switzerland trains must be on time, and clean

The Swiss Federal Railways has opened a state-of-the-art washing tunnel in Brig, canton Valais, just for trains. The facility, the most modern in ...