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Housing market The Swiss are building empty homes in the suburbs

There are enough of them, but in the wrong places – this is the housing market in Switzerland. Photographer Sophie Stieger has documented the paradox.

Social inequality Is Switzerland a utopia of wealth distribution?

It's been said that Switzerland is a less socialist but more successful utopia than Scandinavia. Is there any truth in this?

‘My bones ache. I am sweating buckets.’ Everyday life for a drug addict in Switzerland

Heroin addicts have largely disappeared from public view in Switzerland. How do they live today? A book gives insight into the life of a drug addict.

Cabinet elections Green Party bid for seat in Swiss government fails

Parliament has confirmed the members of the Swiss government for the next four years. 

Cabinet election  Why the Swiss government system is (not) ready for reform

How justified are the Green Party's ambitions to win a seat in the Swiss government on December 11?

Swiss political system  A pluralistic government built on consensus 

A look at the issues affecting Switzerland's multi-party government, which will be elected for a four-year term on Wednesday.

COP25 Swiss seek compromise amid ‘lack of will’ at climate talks

The head of the Swiss delegation is frustrated by hesitation to move ahead at the UN’s annual climate conference.

Finance Bank savers feel sting from negative interest rates

The number of Swiss bank customers being charged negative interest rates on their deposits is on the rise – and shows no sign of reversing.

politics What’s the point of a parliament in a direct democracy?

Under direct democracy, where the people have the last word on almost all issues, what does parliament do?

Revolving doors Swiss ministers move easily between the public and private sectors

Should rules be tightened to prevent conflicts of interest when former Swiss government ministers take up paid roles in the private sector?