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Podcast Discovering the secrets of Lake Geneva

If you’ve been to Switzerland, you may have admired beautiful Lake Geneva. But what lies beneath the lake? And is it warming up?

Swiss wrestling Switzerland has its 2019 ‘schwingen king'

Christian Stucki has won the national championship title in Swiss wrestling, known as schwingen, making him the latest ‘schwingen king'.

This content was published on August 25, 2019 5:03 PM

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Media questions EFTA deal timing

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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In this series, picture editors choose an image highlighting a news event of the past seven days.

Coalface The ‘tough and dirty’ business of the last charcoal burners

In the heart of central Switzerland only nine charcoal burners still produce charcoal by hand. Farmer Markus Wicki is one of them.

History of a friendship The King of Tonga and the Swiss wrestling festival

There is a new Swiss wrestling king, but his victories will have been watched by a real king: Tupou VI of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Federal wrestling championships Keeping a Swiss tradition alive in America

Swiss wrestlers wear big pants and roll around in sawdust. Americans with Swiss roots do it too. They're here taking part in a federal contest.

Elderly prisoners Dying in dignity behind bars

Swiss prisons were designed for young offenders released after serving their sentences. However, the number of older inmates is steadily increasing.

Over-60s inmates Nursing home behind prison bars

Inside a '60-plus' prison in Switzerland - a 'laboratory' for the humane incarceration of older inmates.

Vocational training competition Swiss put their professional skills to the test

How do you prepare for an international vocational skills competition?

Political campaign Right-wing apple opens can of worms

A campaign poster for the conservative right Swiss People's Party is dividing opinion even within the party.

72nd Locarno Film Festival The Grand Hotel Locarno – where it all began

Asleep for 15 years, the majestic Grande Albergo Locarno has briefly opened its doors to offer a glimpse of Festival history.

Inside ‘On’ shoes The making of a Swiss footwear multinational

Swiss footwear company On is making a name for itself in an industry that has been dominated by big players like Nike. What makes it different?