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Bordering on Beauty Swiss photographer captures the nature of changed borders

In a small country surrounded by other states, borders have always been important to Switzerland, rarely more so than recently. And elsewhere?

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Swiss stats Coronavirus: the latest numbers

Here is an overview of the most important Swiss-related coronavirus data and graphs, which are updated automatically. 

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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covid-19 Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus in Europe. This is where things stand and the latest on the measures in place.

Mobility Coronavirus fuels Swiss bicycling surge

While demand for public transport collapsed during the partial lockdown, bicycle usage soared across the country.

Inside Geneva podcast What’s the point of multilateralism?

This special episode of the Inside Geneva podcast looks at the role of the United Nations, 75 years after its founding.

workplaces Telework likely to continue after Covid-19, but not on a large scale

In Switzerland the pandemic has led to more people working from home. But the trend may not continue in the same way once the crisis is over.

climate change and health Studying the new viruses that emerge from melting ice

Could melting ice release potentially harmful bacteria and viruses into the atmosphere?

Government response How the Swiss have navigated crisis (mis)communication during Covid-19

Officials in Switzerland have worked hard to gain control of communication about the pandemic. Has effective messaging helped flatten the curve?

Post-Second World War When Switzerland began distancing from Europe

Historian Jakob Tanner revisits this post-war period and its consequences for Swiss-Europe relations.

Democracy Lab What remains of Swiss democracy after Covid-19 measures?

Parliament was cancelled. A referendum was postponed. The government ruled alone by emergency decree. Where does that leave direct democracy? 

Covid-19 How Swiss police approach coronavirus crowd control

As people fail – or forget – to comply with social distancing rules, some wonder why the police aren’t cracking down harder.

Infection data Why more women than men have gotten Covid-19 during lockdown

Data reveals that women represent a more sizeable share of total infections after the lockdown started. What’s behind the phenomenon?

Democracy Swiss corona protests: conspiracy theories vs political rights

Switzerland is now well into phase two of its three-stage loosening of Covid-19 restrictions, but this hasn’t stopped citizen protests.

CEO Interview Lonza ‘scaling up’ Moderna's promising Covid-19 vaccine process

Lonza CEO Albert Baehny says the firm is prepared to produce hundreds of millions of doses of the Moderna vaccine if it proves effective.

New methods Does saving bee colonies mean breaking with tradition?

Experts have presented new ideas to help save the bees, but they may struggle to gain acceptance among traditional beekeepers. 

Covid-19 and families How Swiss grandparents are handling coronavirus restrictions

Grandparents can hug their grandchildren again, but they’re still not allowed to look after them. How is this affecting intergenerational relations?